1,000 Lyft New Driver Signup Bonus

1,000 Lyft New Driver Signup Bonus1,000 Lyft New Driver Signup Bonus

Lyft offers a number of bonuses to new drivers that would like to signup and join today.  If you would like a 1,000 Lyft New Driver Signup Bonus click here!

New Lyft Driver Promotion

This 1,ooo Lyft New Driver Signup Bonus promotion is available to new drivers that signup using a valid promotional code. New Lyft drivers can get promotional codes clicking here.  

If you are a new driver and have a referral code, enter it on the signup page in the promo field to earn up to $1,ooo bonus. My promotional code is RON56122.  You will not get the bonus if you do not put the code on the application.

You must get approved within 30 days after the application has been submitted.  After the approval, you must reach a certain number of rides within the first month. New drivers will get bonuses within two weeks after the end of the promotional period. The amount to be paid as a bonus is determined by Lyft based upon the market where you drive.

Power Driver Bonus

The Power Driver Bonus rewards drivers on the number of miles they drive within a given week. The bonus resets every week and is not available in all markets. Qualifying for a bonus within a certain week does not guarantee that you will qualify the next week.

Requirements for Power Bonus

  • You must be in a region where the Power Bonus is offered.
  • Your vehicle model must have been made in 2011 or later for you to be eligible for the bonus. The rides given must have been with the same vehicle.
  • You must also meet the specific requirements as set on your dashboard. This will include several peak rides.
  • You should have at least 90 percent acceptance rate during the specified week.
  • Payments are processed on Monday evenings and weekly payments occur on Tuesday.
  • Los Angeles Lyft drivers are eligible for $1200 weekly guarantees in the first month at Lyft. If this guaranteed amount is not met, Lyft will cover the difference.

Guaranteed Requirements

New drivers must enter valid promo code during their application.  You are welcome to use my referral code. 

Their applications must have been approved within 30 days of the original application date

At least 60 rides, stay in drive mode for at least 50 hours, and maintain at least 90 percent acceptance rate for the specified week.

I hope you have learned a lot about the 1,ooo Lyft New Driver Signup Bonus.  I hope you will decide to join today and start earning money soon!