Drive for Lyft in Oro Valley Arizona

rive for Lyft in Oro Valley Arizona
Drive for Lyft in Oro Valley Arizona

If you are looking for information on driving for Lyft, we have all the information that you need right here.  There are several options when it comes to ride sharing services and Lyft is one of the top two ride sharing companies.  I highly encourage you to give Lyft a try if you haven’t already.  We have a detailed post on Lyft Driving Requirements here.

Drive Lyft Oro Valley Arizona

Lyft is a great way to earn part-time or full-time income.  You have the option to get paid instantly whenever you like.  In addition, there are some great bonuses available.  Lyft offers the passengers the opportunity to give tips which is a great advantage over the competition.  The Lyft driver program lets you earn more rewards the more you drive with their program called Accelerate.

If you are interested in driving for Lyft in Oro Valley Arizona here are the driver and vehicle requirements:

Driver Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Pass our free, online DMV and background checks.
  • Use an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Vehicle Requirements

  • Meet your city’s vehicle age requirement
  • Have at least four doors, not including jump doors.
  • Offer five to eight seats, including the driver’s.

If you are interested in driving for Lyft click here!

About Oro Valley Arizona

Oro Valley, incorporated in 1974, is a suburban town located 6 miles north of Tucson, Arizona, United States in Pima County. According to the 2010 census, the population of the town is 41,011, an increase from 29,700 in 2000 census

Things to do in Oro Valley Arizona

When it comes to the best places to live in the United States, Arizona is not a frequent feature in the lists of many people. The elements have a large part to do with this. But if a hot, dry climate is not a factor that tilts your scale to the nay side, you’ll find there is a lot to love about The Grand Canyon State.

Endless mountain ranges, palm trees that give the place an easy vibe, rivers, lakes, acres of space, and crazy beautiful sunsets make it a dream place for outdoor lovers. It should come as no surprise then to know Arizona has one of the biggest resort collections you will find in a single state.

Rounding up our list of 15 best places to live in Arizona is Oro Valley, a small city of just over 41,000. It was incorporated in 1974, which makes it fairly new, but its growth rate has been phenomenal.

This can be attributed to a tech boom that has engulfed the area. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2008, Oro Valley made the top 50 of Best Places to Live and Launch list by Fortune Small Business. For anyone looking to start a business in Arizona, Oro Valley provides some of the most ideal conditions.

Median income is higher than the rest of the U.S. by an impressive 50%, with most individuals plying their trade in the ever growing tech industry (there are more than 10 high-tech firms here).

This is a place also known for its extremely low crime rate (it is one of the safest places in Arizona) as well as a generally high standard of living. Residents take their outdoor recreation seriously, and they regularly host sporting events, such as the Tour de Tucson and Pac-10 Women’s Golf Championship held in the recent past.

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