Free Ride on Lyft Today!!!

free ride with lyftGet a FREE ride on Lyft today!  If you would like to try Lyft, I have a link below that you can click on and get a free ride on me!  Lyft is one of the best ridesharing services that are out there today.  The drivers will arrive quickly at your current location and get you where you need to go safely.  I have used Lyft many times and I am always happy with the service.  There is a large pool of drivers that are available day or night so you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting at a bus stop or waiting for a taxi.  The cars are much nicer than taxis and you know what you will pay for a trip before you get in the car.  If your driver does a great job then you can tip them as a reward.  I know you might have used other services in the past but I encourage you to get a free ride on Lyft.

Lyft is available in so many cities and they continue to add more on a daily basis.  The app is very user friendly and you can download it in a few minutes and be up and running quickly.  The purpose of this credit is to encourage you to give them a try risk free.  What do you have to lose?  Since you haven’t used them before, once you have selected a location where you would like to go, a Lyft car will arrive right where you are standing.  You can then identify the vehicle by the pink Lyft logo.  The driver will greet you by name and confirm where you would like to go.  If you have bags they will get those for you and get you settled into the back seat.  Some may ask you about your day, others will not speak unless you are spoken to so whatever makes you comfortable will be fine.  I have had some which offer me a bottle of water.  Once I reach my destination I thank then and I will tip them through the app if they do a good job.