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State Farm Ridesharing Car InsuranceState Farm Ridesharing Car Insurance

If you’re wondering as to why you will need State Farm Ridesharing Car Insurance then you better try to find out what your personal auto insurance policy covers. You’re most likely to find out that your personal auto insurance does not offer cover any of the expenses that occur due to accidents when you are driving for ridesharing companies. There is a chance your car insurance policy will be cancelled if you haven’t disclosed that you are working as a driver for a ridesharing service. In order to determine whether you need State Farm ridesharing car insurance, you should first find out the coverage your ridesharing company provides.

If you’re already a rideshare driver and your ridesharing company offers insurance coverage then it might only apply when you have accepted a passenger. Most insurance companies will not provide coverage when you are waiting for a passenger to request service or you are on your way to pick up a passenger.  Obviously that leaves a huge insurance gap because any accident during that period will not be covered by any insurance provider.

All states don’t have State Farm ridesharing car insurance and in that case you will have to purchase a commercial insurance policy to stay fully insured. The liability limits of these plans are much higher than general auto insurance but they are also more expensive. There are not many insurance companies that offer rideshare insurance policies and neither are they available in all states. However, you can check out whether State Farm ridesharing car insurance offers the insurance for the state you currently live in.

You’ll have to find out the gaps in your personal auto insurance and ridesharing company’s insurance coverage. If you find it to be inadequate then you need to inform your insurer to arrange for a higher coverage or you can add State Farm ridesharing car insurance to your existing auto insurance to cover the gap. In fact using the State Farm ridesharing car insurance to cover up the gap is the easiest way to prevent paying out of pocket when an accident occurs.

Keep one thing in mind – rideshare insurance is not available on a standalone basis. In fact you will need to buy rideshare insurance from your car insurance provider. However, if you are State Farm ridesharing car insurance customer then you need not worry because it will provide the best ridesharing insurance.

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