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UBER Ridesharing Car InsuranceUBER Ridesharing Car Insurance

UBER is one of the premium ridesharing service providers in the world and they are committed to offering an excellent experience both for the riders and drivers. In view of this, the company offers commercial insurance cover for the drivers.

In the event of an accident, UBER offers commercial insurance coverage for the partner drivers and also covers the third party damages. There are several insurance companies that offer additional coverage in the form of UBER ridesharing car insurance  through the personal car insurance policy which is relatively inexpensive.

Who is eligible for Uber Ridesharing Car Insurance?

UBER Drivers with a valid license are eligible for UBER Ridesharing Car Insurance. However, there is one thing that needs to be checked; the Uber Ridesharing Car Insurance is not available in all the states, so you will need to ask your auto insurance agent for more information.

Why do I need Uber Ridesharing Car Insurance?

In the event of an accident, car drivers may have to pay out of their own pocket because UBER’s commercial policy does not provide full coverage.  Most personal car insurance will cover for the property or medical injuries when you are driving your car for personal use. If you did not disclose that you are using your car for UBER, then your car insurance company might either pay only a part of the damages or cancel your policy altogether.

UBER does not offer full coverage in the event you have an accident while you’re logged into UBER’s app while waiting for a passenger to select you as the driver for a ride. However, when you have purchased a personal ridesharing car insurance policy, you will be covered for the insurance gap. This is an extension of the existing personal auto insurance policy, which offers only a partial coverage if you are involved in an accident.  If you are driving a customer in your vehicle when the accident occurs, you will be covered through UBER’s commercial insurance policy.  

New and existing customers can take advantage of UBER ridesharing car insurance. If you have any questions about UBER insurance coverage please call the UBER ridesharing car insurance advisor and they will provide you with detailed policy information.  

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