Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama

lyft rideshare car insurance alabamaIf you are looking for Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama, you have come to the right place.  If you would like to become a Lyft driver you need to have car insurance.  We have the most comprehensive information on the internet today to help you ensure you have the right coverage for your vehicle.  It is critical that you have the proper insurance so if you have an accident, you will cover your vehicle, yourself and your passengers.

Each state has its own car insurance providers and not all car insurance companies will have Lyft rideshare car insurance.  It is becoming more popular now, but for several years and especially the early years of ridesharing it was impossible to find the proper insurance coverage.

You can find Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama at the following companies:

Farmers Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance

If you are looking for Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance, Farmers Rideshare extends your personal auto insurance coverage through Period 1 until you accept a ride and the rideshare company’s full commercial liability coverage applies in Periods 2 & 3. This policy enables you to select the coverage that fits your needs, including:

  • Comprehensive and collision coverages that pay for damages to your car
  • Uninsured motorist coverage, in case you are hit by a driver who isn’t insured or is underinsured
  • Medical payment and personal injury protection (if required)

Farmers Rideshare coverage ends when you accept a ride. The rideshare company’s full commercial liability coverage applies until that ride exits your car. Farmers Rideshare once again applies until you accept your next ride.


Farmers Rideshare Chart

GEICO Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama

Whether you have that entrepreneurial spirit or are just making a few bucks on the side, you want to avoid a gap in coverage. Spend less time worrying and more time driving. Get a solution from Geico for Lyft rideshare car insurance. Don’t run the risk of not being covered. See how quickly you can get a ridesharing insurance quote.

GEICO Lyft Rideshare Hybrid Car Insurance Coverage Alabama

Most personal auto policies exclude “drive for hire.” Having two policies can be both costly and confusing. GEICO’s ridesharing policy is the affordable alternative that covers your vehicle for personal use, ridesharing and other on-demand services. Bridging the gap, this “hybrid auto policy” provides coverage when the rideshare app is off, when it is on with no passengers in the vehicle, and when it is on with passengers (subject to exclusions and conditions).

State Farm Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama

State Farm now offers Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama coverage.  The new, optional State Farm Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Driver Coverage endorsement enables a policyholder to have his/her personal auto policy fill in the coverage gaps left by Lyft provided insurance. This cost-effective endorsement provides the driver with the full liability coverage limits carried on his/her auto policy during the period of time when the driver is available for hire, and provides the driver with all other coverages applicable to his/her auto policy during all periods of Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance driving.

Customers in these states who drive for a TNC should contact their local State Farm agent to learn more about the new State Farm TNC Driver Coverage endorsement.

USAA Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama

The Ridesharing Gap Coverage

Did you know that you might not be insured while you’re waiting for a rideshare request? The little gap — just a few minutes in most cases — may not be covered by your standard USAA Auto Insurance, and may not be fully covered by your rideshare company’s commercial policy.

When you’re Off-Duty

You’re not logged on to your rideshare app and technically “off the clock” as a rideshare driver.


When you’re Ready to Pick Up

You’re logged on to the rideshare app and waiting for a customer request.


When you’re Ridesharing

You’ve accepted the request, you’re picking up a passenger, or you’re driving with the passenger.


If you have USAA Auto Insurance, we can fill that gap with coverage for as little as $6 a month

I hope this information on Lyft Rideshare Car Insurance Alabama has been helpful.  Please check back often as we will update this information frequently.  If you are looking for more information on what Lyft car insurance covers click here.