Why is there NO Lyft Eats?

Why is There No Lyft Eats?

At present, UberEATS has the monopoly when it comes to ridesharing apps that provide food deliveries for their customers. This leaves people asking why there is no Lyft Eats. Why is Lyft allowing Uber to get all the action in the food delivery industry? These are just some of the questions consumers have about Lyft’s missing food delivery service.

What is UberEATS?

Before going to the details of why there’s no Lyft Eats, you should first know about what it must compete against. UberEATS uses the same network as Uber, but it has a separate app. The app has the menu of various restaurants in the area that allows customers to order food online. The app will then direct the order to the corresponding restaurant. Once the food is ready, Uber will send a delivery partner to pick up the package and deliver it as fast as possible.

UberEATS taps into the network of Uber driver partners to deliver the food within the shortest time possible. It is currently offered in more than 80 cities. UberEATS collects a percentage of the sales as delivery charge.

UberX drivers can sign up to drive for UberEATS as well. They will be able to accept both UberX and UberEATS requests. Drivers can also Uber to give them courier-only profile so that they can do UberEATS-only shifts when they want to. Drivers are paid based on time and mileage for each food delivery trip, and Uber takes a 25 percent cut.

What About Lyft Eats?

In the past, Lyft was developing a delivery service to compete against Uber’s Rush. But it was scrapped when it faced resistance within the company. They said that diversifying from the company’s main business will make it less competitive in the ridesharing business. That means we might not see Lyft Eats or whatever it will be called in the near future.

Lyft President John Zimmer wants to diversify the company, but he doesn’t have the approval from the other executives. And that’s why Lyft is still in Uber’s shadow. As early as 2016, people were already speculating that Lyft would sign an agreement with one of the restaurant delivery apps to help restaurants with their deliveries.

Walmart Food Delivery with Lyft and Uber

In 2016, Walmart announced that it will have groceries delivered by Uber and Lyft drivers. It started in Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona, but it now offered in other places as well. Walmart customers can place an order via the internet, and an employee will then pack the items. Then the employee will contact Uber or Lyft to deliver the goods to the location of the customer. The charge will be around $7 to $10 for each delivery.

But this is still not the Lyft Eats that people are looking for. Hopefully, President John Zimmer can convince the other executives of the company to venture into the food delivery business to compete against UberEATS. But for now, Lyft is only focused on ridesharing services.

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