Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance

Progressive Ridesharing Car InsuranceProgressive Ridesharing Car Insurance

The ridesharing car companies are recruiting more and more drivers to meet the increased demand of ridesharing customers. Drivers must have personal car insurance before they can start driving the car for ridesharing companies. Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft offer commercial coverage to its drivers; however, this coverage has an insurance gap because they don’t offer full ridesharing coverage. Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance has been specially designed for ridesharing drivers in the United States. This ridesharing car insurance is going cover the gap created existing between commercial coverage offered by the ridesharing companies and personal car insurance policies.

Who is eligible for Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance?

Any driver working with a ridesharing company with a valid license along with a personal car insurance policy can use Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance. However, you will have to check in the Progressive Car Insurance agents to determine if policy is offered in your state.

Why do I need Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance?

There are several drivers who have to pay out of pocket because of an accident because the ridesharing commercial policy does not offer full coverage.  Majority of the personal car insurance policies will cover property or medical injuries when you are driving your car for personal use. However, if you haven’t disclosed using your car for ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft then your car insurance company can cancel your policy with no questions asked because it is a violation of your personal car insurance policy.

Even the commercial coverage offered by the ridesharing companies do not apply if you have an accident while you are logged into the ridesharing app but are waiting for a passenger to select you as the driver.  The Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance is addressing this particular coverage gap.

This Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance will help the customers extend their roadside assistance along with collision and comprehensive during ridesharing activity. There is another big advantage of Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance since this insurance will even pay for the difference if the ridesharing collision coverage includes a deductible higher than the customer’s deductible.

This ridesharing insurance is available for both the new as well as existing customers and provides complete coverage to drivers using their cars for ridesharing. You can always get in touch with the Progressive Insurance agents to learn more about Progressive Ridesharing Car Insurance. 

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