Top 3 Ridesharing Companies

top 3 ridesharing companies

Top 3 Ridesharing Companies

Ridesharing has managed to become something particularly trendy, and it is incredibly convenient. This is overly proven by the fact that there is a huge demand of ridesharing services. Hailing a private taxi, SUV or a sedan is something that you can easily turn to huge profits. The industry took the world in a storm, and there are multi-million dollar companies who are on top of it already. This is astonishing, given the fact that a couple of years ago no one had even conceptualized this particular idea. Let’s have a look at the top 3 ridesharing companies which are leading the market.

  1.  UBER

UBER is ranked #1 in the Top 3 Ridesharing Companies.  Of course, San Francisco-based UBER is by far the most commonly used and the most popular ride-hailing service throughout the entire world. As of the month of December in 2016, the company managed to count more than 1 million drivers scattered over 545 different cities and 66 countries throughout the entire world.

When it comes to it, the pricing of UBER is also fairly competitive throughout the majority of the year but there are things which change this on certain occasions. For instance, official holidays such as New Years could cause the price to get higher. However, it remains the most popular app even though competition is already catching up.  

2.  LYFT

LYFT is ranked #2 in the Top 3 Ridesharing Companies.  The LYFT platform has lots of riders and it offers transportation in more than 200 different cities, including San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and other major cities in the United States. Lyft offers a range of different services to its customers but it’s mostly famous for the pink mustaches which were used in front of the app’s drivers’ car.  Lyft is incredibly busy and it also offers carpooling services which are known as the Lyft Line. This could allows passengers to sharing car rides if you want to drive through a longer distance.

3.  GETT

GETT is ranked #3 in the Top 3 Ridesharing Companies. GETT is an Israel-based ridesharing service, and it is most commonly known as Get Taxi. It has a much smaller user base in comparison to the top two market leaders, but it is still rather substantial. With drivers spread across more than 100 cities in the world, the company covers only New York City in the USA. When it comes to pricing, however, the services are a lot cheaper in comparison, and the service won’t charge a premium throughout hours which are overly busy.

As you can see, these are the leaders in the ridesharing market. Keep in mind that all of these companies are fairly recent and it is astonishing how quickly they have managed to grow and to become amongst the most influential companies in the respective field. Ridesharing is quickly becoming incredibly popular, and it’s no wonder that people start to prefer it a lot more than usual cab services – it’s just more convenient and a lot more comprehensive.

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